Seeking practical
Support and Guidance

We are a Group of Registered Psychologists Working Together

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Experienced Registered Psychologists in British Columbia

Tina Leist & Associates INC. (aka “the pink house”) is a small clinic offering counselling by a group of experienced registered psychologists.

We are skilled and caring practitioners who bring diverse backgrounds and experience in the session, providing clients research-based psychoeducation, guidance, and individualized skills while being personable and down to earth.

Our Location & Clinic

We are located in Blanchard Square, which provides easily accessible free parking. We are right behind the Boston pizza and under the peak in the roofline.

Once inside, our clinic has an inviting and welcoming atmosphere that offers 3 offices staged as comfortable living rooms.


Our Psychologists

  • Tina Leist, PhD
  • David Mensink, PhD
  • Keith Forshaw, MEd

Our psychologists have a wealth of experience with various techniques, including cognitive-behavioral, solution-oriented, emotional regulation, psychodynamic approach, dialectical behavioral approach, mindfulness, client-centered, couples & family counselling, child/youth counselling pain management, hypnosis, and more.

We are currently seeking to add a part-time registered psychologist to our group. We enjoy a collaborative and supportive collegial environment.

Navigating the Challenges

Many of us benefit from the support of a skilled and trained professional when it comes to navigating the challenges of daily life, managing relationships, occupational challenges, life transitions, grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, health concerns, as well as when seeking higher levels of life satisfaction & fulfillment.


Our Services

We offer research-based counselling services to help foster

  • Clearer awareness of one’s own inner psychological health
  • Better regulation and understanding of emotions
  • Healthy relationship skills
  • Improved communication skills
  • A healthy sense of agency and empowerment in life
  • Clear, realistic, individualized strategies to best support yourself

COVID-19 Updates

We are open Tuesday through Saturday. Our 1-hour sessions are provided following current BC guidelines. We see clients in person with masks and physical distance in our spacious offices and by video-conferencing (Zoom) and by phone.

Clients are asked to wait outside the clinic wearing a mask and await your psychologist to greet you and take you into their office.